RUILS : Pooling Budgets

Step 2 - Having a safety net

If you follow the guidelines here, it is likely that everything will go well. Having a group agreement and regular reviews will help to keep things on track, but it’s really important that you get the right help and support if you need it to set things up and keep them running smoothly. Some options include:

  • Family and friends can be a great help in giving you ideas and setting up activities but you may also want to think about someone independent who can support all the members of the group fairly.
  • Your local Council or a voluntary organisation may have someone whose job it is to co-ordinate and support groups who are interested in pooling.
  • You could engage the services of an independent support broker who could help with putting the plan together. Your Social Worker or Local Authority care team may have some suggestions or you could contact the National Brokerage Network to find someone in your local area.
  • Ruils offer training as part of their pooling consultancy service and can work with groups directly to help them set up an arrangement as part of this service. 

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