RUILS : Pooling Budgets

Pooling Consultancy

Ruils has significant experience of setting up pooling arrangements and developing tools and templates for others to use. We are happy to run workshops in your area to generate interest and enthusiasm, then work with groups to help them get going. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget but a typical starting point would be:

  • Half day work shop with your social work teams on the principles of pooling, how to generate interest and easy steps to setting up an effective group arrangement.
  • Follow up half day working with smaller group or groups who are interested in pooling.
  • Hourly based consultancy to help with setting up pooling arrangements.

For further information on prices or details of consultancy call 020 8831 6083 or email


Lilian Smith - SDS Development Co-ordinator, Glasgow Centre for Independent Living

"We made contact with Ruils after reading about the work they have done on pooling direct payments and arranged for them to come and deliver a workshop to staff from Glasgow City Council, Social Work Services and voluntary sector organisations. We had massive interest in the topic and ended up with a waiting list to attend the event. The workshop format worked really well and we were able to identify local examples where pooling budgets could be applied to improve social contact as well as share resources. The timing is particularly important in view of the impending closure of many day facilities and also of pressure on council funding in this area. It was great to be able to hear first hand of the success of Stepping on Out, a group from Richmond who use direct payments to pay for support to run a card making business. All who attended felt they had learned a great deal and we will certainly be organising further events to take the initiative further."