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Introducing our website

Brought to you by Ruils, funded by the Office for Disability Issues, is a comprehensive guide for disabled or elderly people in need of support to live independently to be able to share ideas, interests, skills and resources to set up shared support arrangements. The lessons we learned during the work on our 2010 Guide to Pooling Direct Payments and since then in workshops, pilot projects and success stories are gathered here to inspire and inform individuals and their families interested in pooling, as well as the organisations who support them. To purchase our Guide to Pooling Budgets for the DISCOUNTED price of £10 per copy including p&p (limited time only!) The guide takes you through all the recommended steps of pooling and includes hard copies of all the useful tools and templates. Don't delay, download your order form now. 

On this site you will find:                                   

  • A step by step guide to effective pooling arrangements.
  • Useful templates and checklists for you to use.
  • Examples of successful pooling to spark ideas and inspire you.
  • Answers to the typical questions others have asked. Go to FAQ
  • A forum for you to make contact with others and / or keep in touch with your group. Go to finding friends.
  • A page for Local Authorities and other organisations supporting Direct Payment recipients.

Success stories!

We are collecting examples of pooling success stories to get you thinking and spark ideas. We will be adding new stories in the future so let us know if you would like us to add your story!



A step by step guide on how to find friends and pool resources.

Step 1 - Finding Others

Step 2 - Having a Safety Net

Step 3 - Getting Ideas

Step 4 - Organising yourselves

Step 5 - Organising Support